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Latest News Articles

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) BACG

this will be held  at the 47th Annual Conference of BACG, at 4:30 pm on the 28th June 2016, Great Hall,  University of Leeds 

 the Agenda can be found here  Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016 agenda


The Alan Jones Industrial Crystallization Symposium

this event will be held  at the 47th Annual Conference of BACG, 30 June 2016, 11:30-18:30

Parkinson Court, University of Leeds

 A celebration of the career and achievements of the late Prof. Alan Jones, featuring a host of former collaborators and friends

 Invited speakers include:

 Prof. J Garside (formerly of UCL and UMIST/University of Manchester)

 Dr. Ahmed Sheikh (AbbVie)

 Dr. Han Wu (UCL)

 Dr. Luca Mazzei (UCL)

 Prof. Kevin Roberts (University of Leeds)

 Dr. Trevor Evans (formerly of IChemE)

 Registration fee: £120 (includes tea/coffee and lunch.  Conference gala dinner can be reserved at an additional cost of £30)

 Further information and registration on: http://www.crystalgrowth2016.co.uk/


Methods to Simulate Nucleation and Growth from Solution (MSNGS) 

 MSNGS logo

 4th - 5th August, 2016 Sheffield, UK

Website: http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/materials/msngs 

Understanding the nucleation and growth of phases from solution at the nanoscale is key to addressing challenges in a wide range of scientific disciplines, including biology, medicine and materials engineering. MSNGS will bring together computational experts to discuss state of the art methods in this area of simulation. Our programme will cover a number of themes. These include methods to access necessary time and length scales, and to measure the thermodynamics and kinetics of nucleation and growth, as well as solution modelling and effects. The following invited keynote speakers have confirmed their attendance:

* Professor Dorothy Duffy (UCL, UK)
* Dr Baron Peters (UCSB, USA)
* Dr Richard Sear (University of Surrey, UK)
* Dr Stephen Whitelam (LBNL, USA)
* Professor Dr Dirk Zahn (FAU, Germany)

*** We welcome contributing talks and posters ***

Registration and abstract submission can be done following the instructions at http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/materials/msngs. Registration costs £125 or £165 with overnight accommodation. The deadline for both registration and abstract submission is 17th June 2016.

Aaron Finney, Colin Freeman, John Harding and David Quigley (organising committee).

Job opening for Computational Material Scientist.

for further details, please visit  eurofins

 The ideal candidate would possess :

 • well versed in small molecule crystallography and computational chemistry techniques

     PhD from a chemistry, physics, materials science or engineering program

    Strong computer, scientific, and organizational skills

    Excellent communication (oral and written) and attention to detail

    Ability to work independently and as part of a team, self-motivation, adaptability, and a positive attitude

    Ability to learn new techniques, perform multiple tasks simultaneously, keep accurate records, follow instructions, and comply with company policies

 Basic Minimum Qualifications :

 • Bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, or other related degree concentration, or equivalent directly-related experience (two years of directly related industry experience is equivalent to one full-time year of college in related major)

Nucleation Summer School 2016

BACG committee are delighted to support nucleation summer school, which will be held at the university of Strathclyde technology and innovation centre in the heart of Glasgow on 20th-24th of June 2014.

For further information, please visit nucleation summer school,

Crystal Nucleation

Fundamentals and Applications

Presented by: Prof. Peter Vekilov, Prof. Joop ter Horst, Prof. Roger Davey,

 Prof. Jan Sefcik, Dr. Denis Gebauer.  

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