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The Alan Jones Industrial Crystallization Symposium

this event will be held  at the 47th Annual Conference of BACG, 30 June 2016, 11:30-18:30

Parkinson Court, University of Leeds

 A celebration of the career and achievements of the late Prof. Alan Jones, featuring a host of former collaborators and friends

 Invited speakers include:

 Prof. J Garside (formerly of UCL and UMIST/University of Manchester)

 Dr. Ahmed Sheikh (AbbVie)

 Dr. Han Wu (UCL)

 Dr. Luca Mazzei (UCL)

 Prof. Kevin Roberts (University of Leeds)

 Dr. Trevor Evans (formerly of IChemE)

 Registration fee: £120 (includes tea/coffee and lunch.  Conference gala dinner can be reserved at an additional cost of £30)

 Further information and registration on: http://www.crystalgrowth2016.co.uk/


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