A Workshop Organised by the EPSRC Directed Assembly Grand Challenge Network In association with the British Association for Crystal Growth

Date: 8-9th April 2013

Venue: Syngenta, Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire

An intensive two day workshop which will bring together delegates from industry and academia seeking to promote discussion and tackle questions around how we can predict crystallisation behaviour and use it to tailor product design and formulation.

Crystallisation processes are important in fundamental science and in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Scientists and technologists have over the years become extremely skilled in manipulating crystallisation processes to achieve their desired aims but there are still shortcomings in our knowledge. For example how quantitative is our understanding? Why can’t we successfully predict crystallisation behaviour rather than always having to fix problems when the outcomes of the crystallisation process are not what we desire?

The briefing document for the symposium is available at