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Latest News Articles

BACG Annual General Meeting (AGM)

AGM will be held on Sunday 21st June 2015 at People's Palace (Skeel Lecture Theatre, Time : 17:00 -18:00)  Queen Mary, University of London, London. 

(along with the the 46th BACG annual meeting)


1. Minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 13th July 2014 at Leeds

2. Matters arising

3. Chairman's report - Alastair Florence

4. Treasurer's report - Tim Joyce

5. Membership Secretary's report - Ming Zong Li

6. Election of Officers

7. Date of next meeting 

BACG2015 Annual Speaker, Julian Gale

BACG2015 committee are very excited to announce this year's annual speaker, Julian Gale, for upcoming BACG2015 conference.

Julian Gale, Curtin University, Australia

please visit BACG2015 website to see all annual speaker and plenary speakers. click here


Critical Mass Project town meeting - Molecules Clusters and Crystals

BACG committees are delighted to support Critical Mass project "town meeting" , which will be held in the library, Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Picadilly, London, on Wednesday 14th October 2015

Critical Mass Project "town meeting" - Molecules Clusters and Crystals



Fifth European Conference on Crystal Growth (ECCG5)

BACG commitee support  the Fifth European Conference on Crystal Growth (ECCG5),  which will be held at the CNR Research Area in Bologna on 9-11 September 2015.

The aim of ECCG5 is to represent the wide variety of topics connected with Crystal Growth, with a multidisciplinary approach able to answer the demands of the society in different fields of modern life, such as microelectronics, photonics, pharmaceutical and chemical material production, healthcare and cosmetics to name few.
The Conference also intends to promote the meeting of researchers coming from public and private entities and to facilitate the cooperation between academia and industry.

for further details, please visit http://www.imem.cnr.it/eccg5/

The 46th Annual BACG conference  < BACG2015 >

21-23 June 2015 | Queen Mary University | London, UK

We are delighted to announce that the 45th BACG Annual Conference will be held on 21-23 June, 2015 at Queen Mary University in London, UK.  

for further information,  please visit    BACG2015 Conference

The conference topics include:

·         Industrial and Crystallisation Processes

·         Global optimisation applied to Structure Prediction of Nanoclusters and Polymorphism

·         Nucleation and Crystal Growth from Solution

·         Cocrystallisation

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